Advanced Anti-aging RF Technology

SECRET is based on synergy effect of a precisely controlled Bi-polar RF plus minimally invasive micro-needles for non-surgical face lifting, wrinkle reduction and scars by dermal coagulation.

Such an ideal combination reduces treatment time and down time significantly comparing with fractional laser based treatment. Also, it can be treated for all skin type, even darker skin with low risk of skin burns and PIH.


Advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG

Advanced Q-switched laser system, CuRAS provides the optimal performance for the treatment of tattoos, melasma, non-ablative resurfacing and pigmented lesions, furthermore, its dual wavelengths, 1064/532nm with 3 different hand pieces allow physicians to select a wide range of applications to each of your patient’s need increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.


Safe and remarkable Hair removal with High power

VIKINI is a high powered 808nm diode laser for permanent hair removal. More enhanced power provides less pain and effective results with shorter duration. Due to mounting special optical device, it supports collimating the laser and it prevents energy loss by scatter. VIKINI operating is available for most kinds of skin types providing various pulse modes and ling time power cooling


Vascular, Pigmented, Cutaneous Lesions & Skin Rejuvenation by Single Device Safe and Remarkable clinic efficacy

The IRIS™ is complete skin trouble solution available for the treatment of vascular, pigmented, cutaneous lesions and skin rejuvenation. Due to its adoption of the OPSL(Optical Pumped Semiconductor Laser)which is the innovative multiple IRIS are far more superior than the existing DPSS method.

Thanks to high absorption rate of hemoglobin & melanin with short wavelength, IRIS is an ideal equipment to treat superficial & fine vascular, deeper & larger vascular and small & large pigmentation.
Synergy from combining 532nm normal, 532nm fractional and 940 optional normal helps treatment of various cutaneous lesions and show outstanding improvement of melasma, spots and facial toning.