Premium 1450nm
Diode Laser


Acne and Rejuvenation Treatment Laser

How A.R.T LASER is different from previous acne treatment laser?

Doctors can use two different mode (stamping mode and ac toning mode) together from one hand piece.


Uses 15W LD and 6mm Spot Size to maximize the treatment result and convenience. 

6mm spot size

6mm spot size + 15W High Fluence = Cures sebaceous gland and control sebum

Wide beam size allows natural overwrap treatment and shortens treatment time

High treatment result for AC Toning mode

15W High Fluence Diode

The laser energy can be adjusted by unit area per unit hour

Max 12J/cm² Fluence  can be used for treatment

(The  highest power among  other acne treatment laser)

High treatment result for AC Toning mode


Type Diode
Wavelength 1450nm
Pulse Duration 63ms
Repetition 10Hz
Maximum Fluence 12J/cm
Spot Size 6mm
Laser Classification Class III
Electrical 220VAC, 60 Hz, 540 VA
Dimension 390 x 487 x 975 (WxLxH)
Weight 45kg